Dune Enables Blu-Ray Menu Playback For Pro 4K Model

Dune HD just released the long await firmware enabling Blu-Ray menu playback on its newest Pro 4K media player (you can read its review here)

You can download the fw from here. The changelog is quite big:

Version “180902_0153_r13” (BETA version)

- New feature: Pro 4K: The first beta version of full BD Menu support.
    - In general, BD Menu support is based on exactly the same engine which
      was previously used in Sigma-based Solo 4K and Duo 4K media player
      models, and has the same features.
    - BD-J is fully supported and compatibility with various discs is
      currently already quite (up to about 95% according to tests performed
      so far).
    - BD Menu mode is supported for both BD ISO files and BDMV folders (and
      also for non-encrypted optical Blu-ray discs via an external optical
      BD drive).
    - Advanced support for seamless branching is implemented, which ensures
      stutter-free playback of any BD discs (even those internally
      consisting of a huge number of small video fragments).
    - HD audio, auto framerate, auto resolution, high bitrate video are
      fully supported (same as in BD Lite mode).
    - BD region choosing is supported (via "Setup / Misc / Blu-ray" menu or
      via hot keys, same as on Sigma-based models).
    - The user can choose between BD Menu and BD Lite modes.
    - The first beta version has the following known limitations, which are
      expected to be addressed in future firmware versions.
        - 3D playback is not supported. 3D discs can currently be played in
          2D mode only (when the disc supports 2D mode).
        - BD4K is not supported.
        - There are issues with a few discs (such as playback does not
        - FF/REW functions work with some issues.
        - External SRT subtitles are not supported.

- New feature: Pro 4K: Support for external optical disc drives is added.
   - Optical disc drive (BD, DVD, CD) can be connected via USB or SATA.
   - When an optical drive is connected, "Sources / Optical Drive" item
   - Optical drive tray can be opened/closed using RC: choose "Sources /
     Optical Drive" item, press POP UP MENU, choose "Eject/Insert".
   - The following optical disc types are supported: CD-*, DVD-*, BD-* data
     discs, non-encrypted DVD-Video discs, non-encrypted Blu-ray discs.
   - The following functionality is supported:
      - Playback of non-encrypted Blu-ray Video discs in BD Menu mode.
      - Playback of non-encrypted Blu-ray Video discs in BD Lite mode.
      - Playback of non-encrypted DVD-Video discs (same functionality as
        when playing DVD-Video ISO file).
      - Playback of files (video, audio, etc -- e.g. MKV, MP3, etc) from
        any data discs (CD-*, DVD-*, BD-*).
      - Copying of files from discs using Dune's file browser to any other
        storage (e.g. to HDD or NAS).
   - When a DVD/BD-Video disc is inserted, the player detects it and shows
     a dialog with the choice to immediately play it. This behaviour can be
     configured via the new Setup menu "Setup / Misc / Optical drive".
   - Multiple optical disc drives can be connected and used simultaneously.

- New feature: IP Control functionality is now more complete, supports
  playback control commands, and generally supports most commands and
  functions which were present in Sigma based Dune HD models.
   - The protocol is the same as was previously used in Sigma based Dune HD
     models: http://dune-hd.com/support/ip_control
   - Integrations which various 3-party home automation systems such as
     Control4, Crestron, etc, which were previously available for Sigma
     based Dune HD models, should now work.

- New feature: A new item "Sources / Internal Memory" now provides a
  convenient way to store any user files in the internal flash memory.
   - Can be shown / hidden via the new setting "Setup / Misc / File Browser
     / Internal Memory item" (default is shown).
   - The files stored in "Internal Memory" folder occupy the same storage
     space which is used to store other media player data and settings,
     including Dune HD plugins and their data, Android applications and
     their data, My Collection index, and other data. In Android
     applications, this folder is available as "DuneHD" subfolder of
     Android internal storage.
   - NOTE: "Internal Memory" folder should be used with care, do not use it
     for huge files, and ensure that there is always free space remaining.

- New feature: My Collection: when several My Collection folders are
  configured, a new item "My Collection / Folder / All folders" can now be
  used to automatically manage all folders (such as start indexing of all
  olders, stop indexing of all folders, view overall indexing status for
  all folders, clear indexing results for all folders, etc).

- New feature: POP UP MENU now has a new command "Play with..." which can
  be used to temporarily choose the player application for a particular
  file. For example, it can be used to play an AVI file via SPMC in case
  when this file does not play good via the default internal player.

- Improvement: Pro 4K: New advanced mechanism of flicker-free auto
  framerate for Internet video streams (when played via Dune HD
    - The new advanced mechanism implements the same Dune HD unique (among
      RTD1295 based media players) flicker-free approach for auto framerate
      for Internet video streams which was previously implemented for local
      video files: framerate is detected and video mode is switched before
      the first video frame is shown on the screen that avoid unpleasant
      flickering and interruption of video playback on playback start.
    - Supported for HTTP/TS, HTTP/MP4, HLS video streams.

- Improvement: Pro 4K: Aspect ratio is now correctly detected (and correct
  video zoom settings are applied) not only for files (as before), but also
  for Internet video streams (when played via Dune HD applications).

- Improvement: Pro 4K: Playback of Internet video streams (when played via
  Dune HD applications) is now more stable in case of network errors.

- Improvement: Support for MPEG-DASH streams is improved (better protocol
  compatibility, improved buffering indication).

- New feature: SMB network shares using SMB v2 are now supported. 

- New feature: Plugins can now intercept handling of additional keys in
  plugin folders (such as TOP MENU, STOP, ZOOM).

- Improvement: More correct handling of network errors when playing TV

- Improvement: When a USB network connection (e.g. USB LTE modem) is used,
  it is indicated in "Setup / Information" menu and is correctly taken into
  account when waiting for network connection (e.g. when opening an
  application which requires network connection).

- Improvement: When waiting for network connection (e.g. when opening an
  application which requires network connection) and Wi-Fi connection type
  is used, an improved status is shown to the user.

- Improvement: The possibility to show additional technical information
  about the currently played content in "INFO" block via "SELECT" RC
  buttons was not supported or properly indicated in some cases.

- Improvement: When a file with movie association is added to Favorites,
  the information about that movie (movie poster) is now shown in Favorites
  menu too.

- Improvement: The way BD/DVD ISO files are internally identified for the
  purpose of associating them with movies is improved; this will help to
  avoid problems when wrong movie information could be recognized for
  BD/DVD ISO files in some cases.

- Improvement: Fonts for the user interface are extended to support some
  additional languages.

- Improvement: More correct handling of standby timer function in some
  cases, such as when a dialog is opened.

- Improvement: Support for USB and Bluetooth keyboards and remote controls
  is improved to better support various types of keyboards and remote
    - ENTER button is now handled in Android applications same way as ENTER
      button on IR remote control (DPAD_CENTER). This fixes some problems
      with some Android applications.
    - The following handling for F1..F12 buttons is now implemented:
        - F1: INFO
        - F2: RECENT
        - F3: SEARCH / reserved
        - F4: SETUP
        - F5: MODE
        - F6: ZOOM
        - F7: AUDIO
        - F8: SUBTITLE
        - F9/F10/F11/F12: A/B/C/D
        - Shift+F1/F2/F3/F4: A/B/C/D
        - Shift+F5: ANGLE/ROTATE (Refresh)
        - Shift+F6: TV
        - Shift+F7: MOVIES
        - Shift+F8: MUSIC
        - Shift+F9: PLAY/PAUSE
        - Shift+F10: STOP
        - Shift+F11: MUTE
        - Shift+F12: EJECT

- Improvement: Text editor fields in Dune GUI are improved to better
  support input devices w/o color buttons:
    - POP UP MENU for text fields now contains "Show/Hide Keyboard" and
      "Clear Text" actions.
    - ENTER button on a text field now works as "Show Keyboard" (even when
      text field is not empty).

- Improvement: Parental code dialog in Dune GUI (used in some TV
  applications) is improved to support input devices w/o 0..9 buttons:
    - A special on-screen keyboard with 0..9 buttons in now shown.

- Improvement: Volume Control GUI is improved to better support input
  devices w/o V+/V-/MUTE buttons:
    - DOWN/UP buttons can now be used as MUTE/UNMUTE.
    - LEFT/RIGHT buttons can now be used as V-/V+.
    - Both ENTER and RETURN buttons close Volume Control.

- Improvement: Virtual mouse is improved to make it more convenient to move
  the mouse cursor via arrow buttons.

- Improvement: Pro 4K: When HDMI CEC is enabled (in "Setup / System" menu),
  it now has more chances to work with some TV models, in particular, to
  switch TV on when the media player is switched in (although compatibility
  with TV models is still limited).

- Improvement: Debug dump files now include more correct information and
  may be more useful.

- Bugfix: Pro 4K: HEVC files could not be played in some cases.

- Bugfix: Pro 4K: The media player could spontaneously exit standby mode in
  some cases.

- Bugfix: Pro 4K: Network connections could be spontaneously
  reset/restarted in some cases, that could cause undesired interruption of
  network playback or long file copying operations.

- Bugfix: HDDs and other types of storage devices in some cases could not
  be recognized by the system and were wrongly shown as inaccessible items
  in "Sources" menu.

- Bugfix: When a USB keyboard was connected/disconnected from the media
  player, or a Bluetooth device was activated/deactivated, this caused
  restart of the user interface.

- Bugfix: NFS encoding and EXT2/EXT3 encoding settings were shown in Setup
  menu but did not work; now NFS encoding setting is fixed and works
  correctly; EXT2/EXT3 setting is removed because it is not supported on
  Android models.

- Bugfix: An attempt to view GIF files in photo viewer could cause hangup.

- Bugfix: My Collection: "Update Movies Data" action could hang in some

- Updated/improved UI translations for some languages.

- Some other minor improvements/fixes.