New Zappiti Media Players

It was about time.

Zappiti just announced their new lineup of three media players (Neo, Reference, Signature) supporting Dolby Vision.

All of them are based on the Realtek RTD1619DR SoC and are equipped with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC ROM, which is 2x more than what the previous models had to offer. The HDMI In port will still have recording capabilities (up to 1080p, stereo), and each HDD port will support models up to 20TB! So the two dual rack models will support a total of 40TB of internal storage. Sweet!

The “Signature” and “Reference” models also include higher-end features like ESS DAC ESS ES9038, Quality Transformer, Dual HDD Hidden Enclosure up to 40TB, OLED Screen, Stereo XLR Output, and a”Direct DSD” mode.

The Signature model distinguishes itself from the Reference one by sporting dual R core transformers (one for analog and one for digital), ESS 9038PRO DAC, and a much-appreciated headphone amplifier.

Software and User Interface changes are also included. The class-leading Movie collection/Database is considered as a given.

The release date is pending, but they should be available before the end of 2021. 

You can check the new models (Neo, Reference, Signature) below: