Dune Solo Lite gets major FW update !

solo lite

Dune HD is well known for its amazing support. This time the new FW update for the Solo Lite model added features that until now were considered premium and could be used after a monthly fee. Now they can be used for free.

  • Full BLU RAY menu navigation for your backups
  • My Collection/Movies/Music artwork for your collection

The new FW also added HDR support for your future UHD backup files as well.

IT seems that Wi-Fi ac, external HDD and DVB-T tuner aside, the Lite model now performs equally to the “bigger” Solo 4K model reviewed here.

You can find the new FW here

You can read the full change log below:

– Solo Lite: Premium Functions (My Collection/Movies/Music and BD Menu) are
now non-premium, just like on Solo 4K (i.e. available without limitations
and without the need to have Internet access to check license status).

– New feature: Added support for playback of BD4K images.
– Only BDLite mode is supported.
– The player automatically detects BD4K images and automatically starts
the playback if BDLite mode.

– New feature: Improved support for playback of HDR (HDR10) content.
– The player automatically recognizes HDR content and automatically
applies some picture corrections to improve the look of the content on
TVs without HDR support.
– If HDR content is recognized, the corresponding status is shown in the
INFO on-screen-display during playback.
– Automatic HDR conversion can be enabled/disabled by the new setting
“Setup / Video / Advanced / BT.202/HDR conversion” (enabled by
default). When using a TV with HDR support, it is recommended to
disable HDR conversion on the player and force HDR mode on the TV.
– HDR conversion can also be quickly toggled during playback using RC
button “MODE” (on Duo 4K) or “KEYBRD” (on Solo 4K and Solo Lite).

– Improvement: UI animation effects are now disabled by default in video
modes with low framerate (less than or equal to 30Hz).
– This is helpful in particular when connecting to a 4K TV and using a
4K video mode.
– To force animation effects in all video modes, a new setting “Settings
/ Appearance / Animation Effects / Enabled for all video modes” can be

– Bugfix: Playback of MP3 files could crash in some cases (this is a
regression introduced in the previous beta firmware).

– Bugfix: Some DVD images could not be played correctly (playback start
could fail at some point and DVD menu could not be reached).

– Bugfix: When choosing not to search for community extensions, the
installation of non-community extensions (e.g. YouTube movie trailers)
could be skipped in some cases too.

– Bugfix: Video mode setting could be accidentally reset from Auto (EDID)
to some other value in some rare cases.

– Bugfix: When checking of plugins updates on a clean factory box or after
settings reset, if Internet connection was not available, a too long
delay could take place.

– Bugfix: SMB server now includes a fix for the Samba vulnerability

– Plugins SDK improvements:
– Improved the handling of cycle_mode_enabled=yes when num_items<3.

– Updated/improved UI translations.

– Some other minor improvements/fixes.