First Major Firmware Update For Dune Pro 4K is released!

Dune HD released today the first major firmware update ( Version “180426_1318_r13”) for their newest flagship media player, Pro 4K. It now supports Google Play Store, among other improvements and fixes.

You can read our review here and download the firmware from here, or via OTA from your device.

The changelog is the following:

Changes since 180320_1247_r13:
- New feature: Google Play Store and Google Services support added, with a
  unique possibility to easily enable/disable Google Services depending on
  user needs (when disabled, they are not installed, do not perform various
  things in background, do not consume system resources). Google Services
  are initially disabled and are automatically enabled when pressing
  "Google Play Store" icon in "Android applications" section for the first
  time. After Google Services are enabled, they can be disabled by
  resetting settings to factory defaults.

- New feature: Added a new setting "Audio / Digital audio connector" with
  options "HDMI (HD audio enabled)" (default) and "S/PDIF (HD audio
  disabled"). Should be set to "S/PDIF (HD audio disabled)" when outputting
  audio in bitstream mode to S/PDIF (or to HDMI equipment not supporting HD

- New feature: Added setting "Setup / Misc / Encodings / Subtitles
  encoding" which allows to specify subtitles encoding (same as on Sigma

- New feature: REPEAT and SHUFFLE functions for playlists are now
  implemented (same as on Sigma models).

- New feature: Sleep timer is now implemented (same as on Sigma models,
  works only when working with Dune HD GUI). By default it is disabled. It
  can be enabled via the new setting "Setup / Misc / Power manamenent /
  Sleep timer".

- New feature: Discrete power-on and power-off IR codes are now supported
  (codes 5F and 5E, same as on Sigma models).

- Improvement: List of audio tracks and subtitle tracks now shows more
  information (and more correct information) about tracks.

- Improvement: YouTube icon (in "Android applications") now installs a
  newer version of YouTube, with 4K video support.

- Improvement: CEC is now disabled by default.

- Improvement: VFD display now shows current time in 24 hour format (same
  as it is shown on TV screen).

- Improvement: In initial setup wizard, the suggested by default timezone
  is now automatically detected based on GeoIP (when Internet is

- Improvement: In initial setup wizard, if the connected TV supports 4K, 4K
  resolution is now recommended by default.

- Improvement: When UI Type 1 is used, "Android applications" section is
  now also available.

- Improvement: When UI Type 2 is used, the "Applications" tab now has a
  proper title "Applications" (rather than "Dune HD Applications").

- Improvement: On power-on, an unneeded extra HDMI reinitialization took

- Improvement: In System setup menu, some unneeded and non-working
  Android-related settings are removed.

- Improvement: Debug dump now includes more useful information.

- Bugfix: It was possible to exit standby mode by various wrong IR codes.

- Bugfix: It was possible to exit standby mode by switching the connected
  HDMI equipment on/off.

- Bugfix: Some AVI files could not be played.

- Bugfix: Playback crash could happen when stopping or finishing playback.

- Bugfix: Player could randomly reboot in some rare cases.

- Bugfix: When saving debug dump to NTFS-formatted storage device, the
  system could hang.

- Bugfix: SD cards were wrongly mounted read-only.

- Bugfix: In some rare cases, GUI could stop responding to any RC button

- Improvements for PHP plugins and PHP API:

   - New feature: New action "RESTART" is introduced, with parameter
     "reboot" (possible values "yes" and "no"), which allows the plugin to
     request GUI restart or full reboot. 

   - New feature: "PLUGIN_OPEN_FOLDER" action is extended with the new
     parameter "sel_id", which can be used to preselect the given item in
     regular folders (value is media_url of the item to preselect).

   - New feature: For TV plugins which support TV archive (catchup),
     LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons can now be used to switch to archive mode and
     seek in the archive even in Live TV mode. For TV plugins which do not
     support archive, LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons are now correctly ignored in
     Live TV mode.

   - New feature: "PLAYBACK_STOP" action now supports the following
     additional parameters: "plugin_vod_stop_position",
     "plugin_vod_duration", "plugin_vod_start_tm", "plugin_vod_stop_tm",

   - Improvement: When loading images from HTTPS, the performance is now

   - Improvement: When PHP plugin uses auto-resume functionality,
     "ip_address_required" setting is now enabled by default for this

   - Improvement: Icon archives are now loaded with improved performance
     and reliability.

   - Improvement: folder "" can now be used to store
     Android-specific versions of platform-dependent plugin files (such has
     native executables) in the plugin (similar to ".platform.87xx" folder
     that can be used for SMP87xx-specific files).

   - Bugfix: "/tmp/run/ext_command.state" was not implemented; now it
     contains the information about current playback state (same as on
     Sigma models).

   - Bugfix: Playback timer did not work.

   - Bugfix: Saving/restoring playback position during auto-resume and
     setting initial playback position using
     PluginVodInfo::initial_position_ms did not work properly.

   - Bugfix: In "PLAYBACK_STOP" action, in rare cases,
     "plugin_vod_series_ndx" and "plugin_tv_channel_id" parameters could
     contain wrong information.

   - Bugfix: When switching to playlist item N, the next item (N+1) was
     actually wrongly used.

   - Bugfix: In TV OSD, crash could occur in some specific cases when
     trying to scroll through the list of TV channels.

- Updated/improved UI translations for some languages.

- Some other minor improvements/fixes.

NOTE: In comparison with the version 180317_0153_r13, this firmware version
also includes the following changes which were included in the version

- New feature: Added a new setting "Misc / Power Managment / POWER button
  behavior" with options "Power off" (default) and "Software standby".
  "Software standby" means that CPU and OS services continue running when
  the player is in standby mode (useful when NAS functionality such as SMB
  server is used) (same as on Sigma models).

- New feature: long-pressing "POWER" RC button shows a menu with options
  "Power off" (put the player in "Power off" standby mode) and "Restart"
  (reboot the player).

- New feature: Subtitles visualization settings (vertical offset, color,
  font) are now remembered (same as on Sigma models).

- New feature: Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Preferred HDMI color
  depth" with options "Maximum" and "As in content" to allow even more
  precise control of all parameters of HDMI signal. "Maximum" (default)
  means use HDMI color depth supported by the connected HDMI equipment
  (according to "Maximum HDMI color depth" setting), even if content with
  lower color depth is played (e.g. output 10 bit when outputting to a TV
  supporting 10 bit when 8 bit content is played). "As in content" means
  use HDMI color depth as in content, even if the connected HDMI equipment
  supports higher color depth (e.g. output 8 bit when outputting to a TV
  supporting 10 bit when 8 bit content is played).

- Improvement: Default video settings and "Auto" logic of video settings
  now work in a way which ensures a better compatibility with some

- Improvement: In "Video / Advanced" menu, confirmation dialogs are shown
  when attempting to change settings which usually should not be changed
  without a reason.

- Improvement: When performing "Reset Settings" action, a message is now
  shown while the system is handling it.

- Improvement: On power-on, front panel LED indicator is now switched to
  blue color immediately.

- Bugfix: ISO with quotes in filename could not be played.