New FW Release For Zidoo X20

Zidoo just released the latest FW (v1.2.20) for the Zidoo X20 unit.

In case there is still no OTA notification from the settings menu, you can manually download it and install it from here.

Installation instructions can be found here.

The changelog is the following:

1. Optimize Stability of System
2. Fixed the problem that AV does not have sound output

Wall poster
1. Fixed the problem of inaccurate search in the search interface
2. The child lock is closed by default
3. Set wizard to add lock switch and lock level Settings for children
4. Optimized the main interface prompt
5. Optimization when updating the device or background scan, the failed match and the cleared video will be forced to rematch
6. Optimized permission detection when adding devices

Music player
1. Fixed the problem of flash back of individual music